On any given night in Fort Worth, hundreds will be sold for sex.

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The NET's initiative PURCHASED exists to bring freedom, safety, and hope to women and girls exploited by the sex industry in Fort Worth. We create pathways to freedom and hope through a continuum of care focusing on prevention, intervention, and protection.
By participating in PURCHASED and our relationally based programs, a growing number of women in our city now have the opportunity to completely escape and recover from sexual exploitation!

Heart + Vision


Victims of sexual exploitation live under the mindset that they are worth only what they make. Their reality is based on the trading and selling of their bodies.
This is modern day slavery: being bought and sold for someone else's profit or pleasure.
PURCHASED serves these women & girls of all ages at various points in their road to recovery. Many are actively trying to leave the sex industry and attempting to recover from their trauma and abuse. Others are still "in the life" and being victimized, while others have not yet been exploited but are at-risk.
PURCHASED desires to meet them where they are and be a part of their lives, offering unconditional love, support, and ultimately to share God’s message of hope for them:
They are NOT FOR SALE.

How We Serve


RISE Program Partnership
RISE is designed for women incarcerated for prostitution in Tarrant County who are looking for a fresh start. Purchased (The NET) provides mentorship, spiritual and social support to the women of the RISE program. We provide collaborative after-care for the women in this program alongside partner agencies who provide substance counseling, housing, case management, and probation. The NET is the piece of this program that is relational, provides social and recreational activities, discipleship and advocacy through our volunteers. Every volunteer has been through an extensive training learning the “in's and out's” of the problem of sexual exploitation in Fort Worth and how to befriend someone who has experienced trauma and also spend time in the justice system.
Survivor Leader Program
Through PURCHASED we meet women and girls every day that are victims of sexual exploitation here in Fort Worth. But we believe that they are not just victims, they are survivors! They can use their story to help lead other women who have walked where they have walked and not just survive, but thrive as a leader. The broken parts of their past no longer define their future. We host weekly classes and provide mentorship with the women in our program. We also host a monthly recreational outing and extend leadership opportunities like leading support groups for other women leaving exploitation and speaking opportunities.

RISE Advocates


On-going mentorship of all the women in the Rise Program.

Survivor Leader Class


Weekly class on life skills for women the RISE Program.

RISE Outing


Monthly recreational outings for women of the RISE Program.

Court Support


Attend court dockets for RISE Team agency meetings and to support the women.

Trafficking Prevention Classes


Awareness and prevention presentations to students in at-risk schools.

Jail Outreach


Weekly jail visits to women brought into the Tarrant County Jail on prostitution charges.

Jail Empowerment Class


Weekly class taught to incarcerated women on life skills.

Jail Assessments


Meetings with incarcerated women assisting with the RISE assessment process and recruiting new participants for the program.

Hotline Support


Provide on-going support for the victims who call our hotline, dinner, a safe place, connect them to treatment, provide them with basic needs - clothing and toiletries.



Assisting the Vice Unit when minor victims are brought in on trafficking charges, support them with a trauma-informed, gender-responsive approach to help them testify or give a statement.

Trafficking Screenings


Male-led part of Purchased, documentary screenings on trafficking to help other men be educated on the issue.



Men Against Sexual Exploitation. is a core group of men seeking to eliminate the demand for commercial sex through education and disruption.

Commitment to Collaboration
The NET proudly partners with the following organizations :: Salvation Army, Cornerstone Network Assistance, TCU, MHMR, Women's Center, Tarrant County Court, Tarrant County Probation, Tarrant County Jail Re-entry Program, Fort Worth Pregnancy Center, Frederick Douglass Family Initiative, The Esther House, Pure Hope, NewDay Services, YWCA and Opening Doors for Women.