On any given night in Fort Worth, hundreds will be sold for sex.

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The NET's initiative PURCHASED exists to bring freedom, safety, and hope to women and girls exploited by the sex industry in Fort Worth. We create pathways to freedom and hope through a continuum of care focusing on prevention, intervention, and protection.
By participating in PURCHASED and our relationally based programs, a growing number of women in our city now have the opportunity to completely escape and recover from sexual exploitation!

This is modern day slavery.


Victims of sexual exploitation live under the mindset that they are worth only what they make. Their reality is based on the trading and selling of their bodies. They are bought and sold for someone else's profit or pleasure.
PURCHASED serves these women & girls of all ages at various points in their road to recovery. Many are actively trying to leave the sex industry and attempting to recover from their trauma and abuse. Others are still "in the life" and being victimized, while others have not yet been exploited but are at-risk.
PURCHASED desires to meet them where they are and be a part of their lives, offering unconditional love, support, and ultimately to share God’s message of hope for them:
They are NOT FOR SALE.