The Net is a nonprofit in Fort Worth that exists to empower the city to restore dignity to those in poverty through community & relationships. Our goal is to see the people we serve walk in freedom and joy as whole individuals.

Safety Net + Network

Safety Net
The Safety NET serves to create long-term support systems that help restore individuals to emotional, spiritual, and social wholeness. We believe that through relationships we can instill hope, which gives birth to empowerment and self-sufficiency, and which inevitably leads to transformation.
The NETwork is a connected system of volunteers, churches, businesses, schools, professionals, and other non-profits within Fort Worth. The NETwork is our way of empowering and assisting the local church in an effort to connect and serve the marginalized of Fort Worth through holistic relationships.


  • we all fall. some fast. some hard.
    others only stumble.


    most of us have some sort of net, made up of family and friends to catch us when we fall.

  • they help us back on our feet, whether it be financially, emotionally or spiritually.


    it is often the case that people find themselves in poverty when they don't have a net.

  • though they may fall no harder
    than you or I,


    they lack the support of family and friends to catch them and put them back on their feet.





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Purchased is a ministry to victims of sexual exploitation in Fort Worth.
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Join our community by simply sharing a meal & playing games with our friends.
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Low Income

Come hang out and disciple kids from all over the world right here in Fort Worth.
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The NET desires to build restorative relationships with those in need.
Our blog is a space that gives our staff, interns, and volunteers a place
to share their experiences with serving the city of Fort Worth.


Survivor Leader Luncheon

12-May / Blog-Purchased / 0 COMMENTS

*Reposted from our Executive Director, Melissa Ice’s blog*   This past week my non-profit The NET had a fundraising luncheon at The Fort Worth Club in order to raise funds and awareness in regards to the women and girls in my city that have experienced sexual exploitation. Part of my ...


Room to Grow

13-Apr / Blog / 0 COMMENTS

Nine months ago, we started the process of renovating the Lancaster City Center (a.k.a. the new home of The NET!) by gathering up some friends, including street friends, interns, and even Judge Brent Carr, and ripping up carpet, busting down walls, and tearing up tile. Last weekend, we again gathered ...


Celebrating the Big Things!

30-Mar / Blog-Purchased / 0 COMMENTS

When I think about our RISE ladies, the first word that comes to mind is strong. These women are strong, and so are the people standing alongside them. From Net advocates to service providers, the room at our recent RISE Graduation Ceremony was full of people from the various steps ...


Survivor Leader Spotlight: Arletta

22-Mar / Blog-Purchased-Uncategorized / 0 COMMENTS

Almost 4 years ago, The NET’s Purchased team met Arletta. She is a true example of a Survivor Leader, and we love celebrating her story of strength and resilience. We originally met Arletta when she came into our partner program called RISE, Tarrant County’s Prostitution Intervention program, with over 20 ...


The Impact of Outrun Trafficking

15-Mar / Blog-Interns-Purchased / 0 COMMENTS

I heard this quote at the beginning of last semester in a meeting for TCU’s chapter of International Justice Mission. We had just been presented with facts about human trafficking that left me speechless. Here are the main points that I recall:   Worldwide, there are 27 million people trapped ...


Talking Thai: Lessons from SE Asian Refugees

29-Feb / Blog-Interns-Refugee / 0 COMMENTS

This past month I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand for 18 days by myself with nothing but a backpack. If you would have told me I was going to be embarking on this trip 3 years ago, I would have called you crazy, but the Lord has an ...


The “Why” Behind the Net: Part 2

04-Feb / Blog / 0 COMMENTS

Last year, our blog profiled The “Why” Behind The NET. We briefly mentioned the difference between relief and development, but didn’t really dive into the heart behind this development. Our motivation for development is not a savior-complex or a belief that we are simply ‘good people.’ In fact, it’s actually ...


Is Playboy Becoming Passé?

15-Oct / Blog-Purchased / 0 COMMENTS

As many of you have probably seen, Playboy Magazine recently announced that, starting in March, they will no longer feature fully nude photos in their magazine.   I feel like I should celebrate that there will be one less mainstream outlet for pornography.   I feel like I should celebrate ...


A Messy Truth

07-Oct / Blog-Refugee / 0 COMMENTS

This past spring I learned a messy truth about discipling kids, especially kids who don’t necessarily speak English all that well. During one of our Wednesday afternoon mentoring programs, I was quietly watching our mentors have some awesome discussions with our kids, like I do every Wednesday. All of the ...


Purchase with a Purpose

28-Jul / Blog-Purchased / 0 COMMENTS

Our Founder/Executive Director Melissa Ice was a guest blogger over at Tribe-Alive gearing up for our Purchase with a Purpose Event! See original post here. For some reason it’s always super windy downtown Fort Worth. I can’t explain the reasons for the strange wind, but I have learned to expect ...





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Volunteer Coordinator


Homeless Program Manager


PURCHASED Program Manager


MASE Director &
Ladera Kids Program Manager


In addition to our staff, The Net runs with the help of a team of amazing interns who help orchestrate our events and programs. Click the link above to learn more about our leadership development program and internships.



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