RISE is a prostitution intervention program that was started by Judge Carr of Tarrant County Criminal Court 9. The RISE program mostly consists of women who are high-risk and have 3 or more charges of prostitution on their record and are facing time in prison. Many of the women who participate in this program come from a background of both sexual and physical abuse, have experienced trauma through being in the sex industry, and have a long history of substance abuse as well.

Through this 2-4 year recovery program women are offered rehab first then permanent housing, generally from Salvation Army or other housing facilities in Fort Worth. While in housing women are placed into case management to receive whatever services she is currently needing. Then women are put in recovery classes, life-skills classes, have mental health appointments with MHMR, get counseling from the Women’s Center, GED classes, etc.
One of the key elements in their recovery being successful is a deep need for healthy friendships and new forms of recreation. This is where The NET comes in a plays an important role in the RISE program.
We aim to give each woman in the program an advocate to walk alongside her throughout the recovery process. The NET specializes in relationship and recreation in its partnership with RISE. The NET attends court docket twice a month to give updates on the progress of the women from their perspective, while receiving updates from the other partner organizations about each woman and their recovery.

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