The NET's new empowerment program for our friends experiencing homelessness is up and running! On Tuesdays from 1:00PM-4:00PM in the basement of the Lancaster City Center, any of our friends have the opportunity to earn points that can then be saved, budgeted, or spent on food, clothing, hygiene, sleepwear, laundry, etc... in the NET Store. The way our friends experiencing homelessness earn points is by participating in volunteer taught classes!

Come on Tuesdays!


The NET Center is open on Tuesdays from 1-4. Volunteers are welcome to come during that time to hang out and play board games, sort clothes in the NET Store, and build relationships with our friends experiencing homelessness. No need to stay the whole time, come when you’re free!

Teach a class!


Teacher Qualities:
We are looking for teachers, who more than anything, have a desire to see our friends experiencing homelessness accomplish their goals using their own talents and resources.
A good teacher would:
+ Recognize the inherent value and worth of every human.
+ Be humble, adaptable, and confident.
+ Want to engage in a fun, mutually benefiting relationship!
Class Details:
Ideally, classes will run around 50 minutes and happen once weekly for 4-8 weeks. Classes will occur while The NET Center is open (Tuesdays 12:30PM-4PM). Classes will be small, most likely hosting between 5-15 people each class. This allows the teacher to build relationships with any participants and minimizes potential distractions.
** A NET staff member will be on site for all classes. You are not alone!**
Class Ideas:
Classes can really be anything that provides value to participants. Be creative!
Some ideas include:
+ Yoga!
+ Bible Study
+ Literature/Poetry - Read and discuss!
+ History - Pick a fun topic each week and talk about it
+ Cooking!
+ Communication/Confidence/Goal Setting
+ Sewing/Knitting!
+ Arts - Music, painting, photography, crafts, etc

** The NET does have a small budget for the classes, however, most supplies would be provided by the teacher.

If you have questions, please email Alex@TheNetFW.com for more info.